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StretcherStretcherStretcherStretcherStretcherStretcherStretcherStretcherStretcherStretcherO.M.S. IMPIANTI is a world-wide renowned Company in the Aluminium Industry for the advanced technologies applied to the Extrusion Aluminium Plants.

With a prodution area of 8,000 sqm, O.M.S. IMPIANTI guarantees the high level quality of the supplied products for all the phases: design, purchasing, management, manufacturing, assembling and final tests.

The winning philosophy of the Company is to produce all the equipment in the headquarters workshop. This is possible thanks to the flexible structure and compact group working for the Customer satisfaction.

OMS High tech equipmentsMOBY DICk - Automatic continuous
ageing owen without basketsF.T.S. - Automatic stretcher with fixed translation system